Sofiya Pylypenko

I have professional experience doing bookkeeping so familiar with the different tasks of the Treasurer position. I would also like to contribute my knowledge of various software solutions to suggest improvements to some of the club’s processes.
I am passionate about tennis and feel connected to Capilano’s community so I see this as an opportunity to contribute. While treasurer/membership position is largely an administrative role I have ideas about outreach to members (via surveys and focus groups) to learn more about their needs and interests, and engage them to participate more. In the past two years that I’ve been a member I have witnessed more interest and an influx of new members at Capilano. As a director, I would like to help maintain the welcoming inclusive environment of the club and support the club’s development.
Andrew Spence
I have been a Board Member for the past 2 years and have proven skills in leadership, project management, business and natural resource management as a Registered Professional Forester and Project Management Professional.
I am passionate about tennis and Capilano Tennis Club in particular as a volunteer run, close knit tennis community blessed with a commitment to providing excellent opportunities for play for all abilities allied with a sense of fun and participation. I believe I can continue to make a positive contribution to help the Club move through current challenges with the pandemic and be a shining beacon for local community based tennis.
Brenda Brown
My skills relate to public relations and program coordination. I am committed to bringing teams together and working synergistically with the Capilano Tennis Club board, teams and general membership. My goal is to create a dynamic, competitive yet social group of tennis players who create a sense of community within our club.
I would like to take this opportunity to renew my application as Play Director at the Capilano Tennis Club. Because of the pandemic, I don’t feel I had the opportunity to perform my role as effectively as I would have liked. Now that the pandemic is more manageable, I expect to give back to our Club. Since joining the Club a few years ago, I have witnessed consistent growth and vibrancy. It would be a privilege to work with the Board once again and take our Club to the next level.
Brian Bapty
Conscientious, handy, appreciative of the club, and its members, mindful of costs but understands money must be spent to maintain and improve facilities. Can fix pretty much anything (even the stuff I break). Creative and not afraid to try new things. Most of the time I pay for my beer at the honour bar.
I like the club and its members and want to contribute.  I have a PhD in research medicine and 18 years of experience working in capital markets (eight years as an equity analyst, 1-year institutional sales in London (UK), three years in corporate finance (Toronto and London), and the balance in asset management and private equity). I have been the CEO of an international brokerage firm and director of research at fund management company and have been both a founder and held senior management positions at medical device and biotechnology companies, and have held numerous board positions in public and private companies. For hobbies I oil paint, air brush, wood work, metal work, work with electronics and dabble in chemistry (mostly pyrotechnics).
Ashley Chapman
I am applying for the position of Social Director together with Linda Durham, who would be the co-director with me.We are organized, enjoy planning events and bringing people together to socialize and play tennis. We are well-connected to many people in the club and think this would be an asset when planning social activities.
We see that there is a need for this position to be filled and we would like to give back and volunteer our time at our Club. After having spent over a year with restrictions imposed due to Covid-19, we feel that, more than ever, there is a need for social interaction at our club. We would like to carry on some of the great social activities that are already well-established and we are also open to introducing some new social events too, should the need/interest arise. We hope to create some sub-committees with like-minded individuals to help with the weekend social events/teas and other activities at CTC.
Jeffrey Lo
I have over 15 years of experience working in, and managing various size teams in the legal industry, management consulting, portfolio investment, real estate development, and for non-profit organizations. My work in these industries have given me the opportunity to work with lawyers, investment professionals, contractors, tradesmen, social workers, doctors, and local government offices to get jobs/projects/portfolio companies running efficiently and profitably. I believe that the Board at the Capilano Tennis Club (CTC) could benefit from my experience working with many different types of professionals, on projects that range from fundraising events, to club promotions, to budgeting and/or creating short/long-term projects for the club members’ involvement and benefit.
As a Special Projects director, I believe that I can liaise with all members to create realistic project goals, and I am excited at the prospect of encouraging volunteer “productivity,” while at the same time creating a comradery and an environment that is reflective of the potential energy among the CTC membership. I also look forward to working with specific Board members to assist them with achieving their goals for the membership.
Galal El Hakim
With over over 25 years of experience, working in, and managing various size teams in International Media organizations, management consultancy companies and International Sports Broadcasters. I’ve had the opportunity to work with many different cultures and a variety of different nationalities. My work has taken me to work over four continents and eight countries in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the United States of America. I’ve led large teams in delivering big and complex projects on time and on budget. I believe that good communication and delegation is essential to any team’s success. I have been empowering my teams to grow in their roles to ensure their success and the success of the overall process.
I am interested in becoming the Play Director for the Club. I believe the Capilano Tennis Club (CTC) board would benefit from my multi-cultural experience. I will use my experience in communication and liaising to help create a fun playing environment with an inclusive culture.
I believe that the CTC has a membership base that is growing diversely in many aspects: from the various levels of tennis, to the many new members who have a wealth of experience across a multitude of professions. As a PlayDirector, I can encourage all members to participate in all social tennis events, communicate with team captains and all members to create a fair & fun playing environment for all members and teams. I will also be happy to maintain communication and feedback with all team captains and members. I am also looking forward to working with Howie on improving the tennis levels in the club and organizing an updated calendar for all the ongoing activities.