Social Tennis




Weekend Social Tennis  




All social afternoons are about doubles play and making sure that everyone has a chance to play, meet other players and have some enjoyable tennis.


Please note that the minimum requirement to play at the social tennis afternoons is a 2.5 ranking. 


Social tennis is every Saturday and Sunday afternoon from 1pm  to 5pm. Please check the club calendar as there may be some tournaments or league matches scheduled which have priority. 


From 1pm  to 2.30pm on Saturdays social play will be arranged using a card system.  Players will pick cards and turn them over.  This will show which court they will be playing on and there are 2 red and 2 black for each court.  The 2 matching colours will define the partnerships.  Please note that in the absence of a board member, any person wishing to play may organize the card system and ensure that everyone gets to play.


Please note that cards must not be removed from the table as they are used for the next social segment.Each social segment is a 1/2 hour with abell being rung at the end of each segment.  Players on the courts at this time must immediately stop play and leave the courts so that the next group of players can begin their play. 


On Saturday afternoons tea and cookies will be served at 2.30.  A donation or $2 for this would be appreciated. 


From time to time there will be a “featured tea” when a special tea menu will be offered.  (Watch out for these, they will be delicious.) 


After 2.30, players may make their own foursomes and continue to play the 1/2 hour segments if there are people waiting.  


For those foursomes who arrive at 2.30 or later, they will wait until there is a free court before beginning their game.  Once again, if there are peole waiting, the play segments will be a 1/2 hour.  If no one is waiting, continue playing and have fun. 


Sunday social play is from 1  –  2.30 by hanging rackets on the hooks by court 3. This is not organized by a “host”.
Afternoon tea is not served on Sundays. However, supplies are always in the clubhouse should anyone want to make tea.
From 2.30 to 5.00 anyone at the club may arrange their own games, with late arrivals waiting until there is a free court.
Doubles play only while there are people waiting to play.  There must be 4 people to claim a court.
The play period is ½ hour if there are people waiting.  If not, continue playing and enjoy your games.


Please note the club does not supply balls for social tennis either Saturday or Sunday.