Voting Members Present:

Adult (Voting) – 39

Social (Non-Voting) – 2

Past Member – 1 

Board Members Present

Drummond Macdougall, President

Nancy Forrest, Vice-President

Elaine Hasemore, Membership Director

Gary Pena, Secretary

George Sim, Maintenance Director

Jeff Sparling, Past-President

June Barnes, Treasurer

Nancy French, Social Director


Board Member Absent

Angie Higgs, Play Director 

  1. Call to Order


The meeting was called to order by Drummond Macdougall, President at 7:00 p.m.

  • Confirmation of Quorum

Quorum was confirmed.
Approval of the 2017 AGM meeting minutes

It was Moved and Seconded to approve the minutes of the 2017 AGM held on October 18, 2017 as presented.


  1. Agenda

 It was Moved and Seconded to approve the Agenda for the 2018 AGM as presented


  1. Appointments

 Elaine Hasemore introduced as Credentials Chair.

  • Jeff Sparling introduced as Elections Committee Chair

 Director’s Reports

  • President – Drummond spoke about numerous challenges that the Board faced during the year, many of them logistical and weather related. The Opening Day in April was successful despite inclement weather.  Membership Level has dipped, therefore maintaining exiting members and attracting new members has been identified as a priority for the Board. The club received a great boost with the resurfacing of the courts.  The courts are now some of the best in the area.  The Strategic Planning Session was facilitated this year by an expert facilitator with emphasis on arriving at a Mission Statement and Vision for the club.Special mention was made of the Ladies Div.4 night team who won the Inter-City League and went on to win the Provincial title.  Initiatives for enhancing the Junior Program and having a Kids Camp are underway.  Finally, he emphasized the need to encourage members to support the Board by volunteering their time for projects and initiatives

4.2 Treasurer – June advised that the club was down on revenues (from $45K to $31K) due to decreased membership.  The court resurfacing will be paid in two instalments to the vendor TOMKO.  In the past, the club would build a contingency fund of $5K per year.  June recommends that this be increased to $8K – $9K per year in order to be prepared for the anticipated cost increase for the next resurfacing.

4.3 Past-President – Jeff presented the 2017/18 Year-End Financial Statement.  He began by providing a brief overview of the statements and noted how membership drives revenues.  Membership has declined for a variety of reasons so critical goals for the Board are retaining membership and attracting new membership.   The club’s Operating Costs were approximately $2K per month.  Court refurbishment cost approximately $33K.  The Contingency Fund was $30K so there is a small deficit of about $3K.  The 2019 Summer Kids Camp and Junior Camp are initiatives that will drive revenue.  Vice-President Nancy Forrest urged members to be ambassadors for the club to help drive membership.  Belinda Miller-Foey suggested the reintroduction of incentives for existing members to sign-up new members.  Nancy Forrest responded that Board is working on such an incentive.

4.4 Maintenance Director – George provided the following report:

  • Court resurfacing. George took before and after photos of the project noting that some of the levelling required was quite extensive and Tomko did an excellent job
  • Back fence is now completely finished
  • Weed whacking behind the fences needs to be done in the Spring
  • The Gardening Committee did a wonderful job with the Fall cleanup

4.5  Membership Director – Elaine advised the following membership numbers: 127 adults, (including 3 children; 1 junior, & 12 social members), Non-Renewals  44 and New Members 18.

4 6  Social Director – Nancy French advised that there were five social dinners this year, taking in about $750 per dinner.  She explained that the dinners are not meant to be profit making but also should not run at a loss.  The honour bar took in about $500 and was a successful venture throughout the year.  She is also looking at expanding social events.

4.7  Secretary – Gary spoke about the need to maintain existing membership and the role that everyone, especially the Board, has to ensure people feel welcome and comfortable at the club.

Election of Directors:

The following new Directors and positions were elected by acclamation:

Ron Carr, Membership Director.  Janos Stiasny will be supporting Ron in the Membership role.

June Barnes – Treasurer

Marion Shaw – President

 Drummond MacDougall – will become Past President after completing one, two-year term, one of which as President

Elaine Hasemore chose not to stand for re-election after completing one, two-year term

 Other Business

  • Renewal of the Society Act: Drummond advised that a vote of the membership is not needed this evening because no changes were made to the Club Constitution and Bylaws.
  • Brian Bapty demonstrated a new portable light solution for the courts. Attendees were very interested in this and the Board will be looking into this option further
  • Brenda Brown and Michael Docherty suggested a new member orientation protocol.
  • Belinda Miller-Foey suggested putting a profile of new members in Newsletter by way of introduction
  • Stephen Foey spoke about the lack of players turning out at Social Tennis on Saturdays and Sundays and how this negatively impacts the club. He also noted that the presence of Board members at the club on weekends was lacking
  • Nancy Hudson suggested that league players need to be encouraged to come out for Social Tennis
  • Ian Lade advocated for more in-house league play
  • Gary Born suggested using Whatsapp as a way for members to interact and arrange play
  • Tania Skelcher suggested having a tennis ladder to stimulate and encourage membership
  1. Meeting Termination

The meeting was terminated at 8:36 p.m.

PRESIDENT:  Drummond Macdougall


VICE PRESIDENT:  Nancy Forrest