CTC Board Meeting Minutes                                  

Thursday April 25, 2019 


Marion Shaw, President

Drummond Macdougall, Past President

Ron Carr, Co Membership Director (*Voting Director*)

Nancy French, Social Director

June Barnes, Treasurer

Gary Pena, Secretary

Janos Stiasny, Co Membership Director

Nancy Forrest, Vice-President

Howie Jackson, Coach

Angie Higgs, Play Director


George Sim, Maintenance Director

  1. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Marion Shaw at 6:45 p.m.

  • Confirmation of Quorum

Quorum was confirmed.

1,2     Confirmation of Agenda

Agenda was confirmed

  • Approval of previous meeting minutes

It was Moved and Seconded to approve the minutes of the March 20, 2019 meeting as presented.


  1. Business Arising from the Previous Minutes

2.1.     The Business Arising items from the last meeting were reviewed.  These are covered below

  • Action Items Status from March 20 Meeting:
    • September Open Tournament – Howie to look into what is needed to make the proposed September Tournament a sanctioned tournament with Tennis BC – OUTSTANDING
    • With 12 confirmed registrants this far for the spring junior program, Howie to implement a registration and payment day. Scheduled for April 20 – DONE
    • Marion will send out an email to membership regarding Tournament – DONE
    • Howie will contact Hannah regarding coaching program. Backups have been identified in the event she is unable to do it or not interested – DONE
    • George to check with Tomko regarding some new cracks that have been identified on the courts. However, it is noted that cracks WILL appear as a normal part of court wear and tear – DONE
    • Howie to install signage at main entrance. Cost is $980.  Should be completed by Easter.  The QR Code will go on to the smaller sgn – DONE (And looks great!  Thank you Howie!)  **QR Code on smaller sign still outstanding**
    • Nancy French to liaise wth Angie regarding play activities for Opening Day – DONE
    • Nancy French to buy an air pump for balloons in time for Opening Day – DONE
    • June Barnes to be present at club when Chubb upgrades Alarm System – DONE
    1. New Business
      • It was suggested that determining where new members heard about Capilano Tennis Club would be beneficial information to have to help determine where to focus future marketing initiatives.
      • Most of the attention focused on the proposed Capilano Tennis tournament and upcoming Opening Day. The President thanked all who participated in Spring Clean Up Day and deemed it a success.
      • June Barnes & Gary Pena to contact Shaw to upgrade Clubhouse TV Package – DONE 
    1. Director’s Reports
    • President – Marion Shaw – Website membership renewals online is working and good feedback has been received on this feature.
    • A comment was made that the Event Calendar on the website has a black header which needs to be fixed. Marion will follow up.
    • Treasurer – June Barnes – Report sent to all Board Members
    • $12.5K has been paid to Tomko (the contractor that resurfaced our courts last year) as a 2nd payment of outstanding amount. $7K was taken out of club investment account to accommodate this payment
    • The club currently has 141 adult members, 1 out of town member, and 3 social members. This is an increase from our membership position at year end and demonstrates that the membership drive has been successful thus far.
    • Membership Director – Janos Stiasny and Ron Carr
    • Janos gave an update on the proposed tournament and what would be involved
    • Discussion was had regarding whether to outsource the running of the tournament, or run it ourselves.
    • A motion was passed that the tournament will be hosted at Capilano Tennis Club, and will be operated and managed by Capilano Tennis Club. A tournament Executive Committee will be formed for that purpose.
    • A motion was passed to name the tournament the Capilano Open.
    • A motion was passed to appoint Janos Stiasny as Tournament Director.
  •          4.7.  Social Director – Nancy French  –
    • Nancy brought the board up to date on planning for Opening Day scheduled for Saturday April 27.
    • Food and Supplies were organized, Howie would organize game day activities, a membership desk would be available for any potential new members, the bar would be staffed and tickets available for purchase at the membership desk, there would be a 50/50 draw, and the weather forecast was good.
    • A suggestion was made to play music from the TV for Opening Day and future events. This was accepted.
    • Acknowledgement to Liz Mackeigan for a sandwich board that was posted at North Vancouver Tennis Centre advertising Opening Day
    • Ladies Day 2 team will be hosting the first team dinner (Mexican theme) of the season on May 1.  RSVP’s have been good to date.
  •        4.8.      Coach – Howie Jackson –
    • Howie updated the board on the Junior Tennis Program.
    • Howie & Play Director, Angie met with 2 young coaches with whom Howie was very impressed
    • The coaches will feature the “Progressive Tennis” method and will share coaching duties
    • Maximum # of participants is 80
    • The mandate is to break even, however, Howie anticipates about $4400 in revenue before the tennis camp even starts. He expects that even after costs, the camp will be profitable for the club.
  • 4.9.     Play Director – Angie Higgs –
  • The Inter City Leagues have begun and every team has their cans of balls
  • Angie has sent notification to each Capilano Inter City League captain to submit their proposals for practice times for ther respective teams.
    • There will be 1 practice time per week per team, with a maximum of 2 courts per team
    • Unfortunately, neither Angie, not Sue Cannon (Asst Play Director) will be there on Opening Day, but Howie has kindly stepped in to fill the gap,
    • Angie mentioned that she has had requests from members wanting to book courts. The idea was proposed and Board members will address at next meeting
    • Angie also proposed taking part in the Tennis Global Network “Tennis Ladder”, an online ladder which is already setup for users and that is used by many in the tennis community. The cost is $10 per person per year.  Board members will address next meeting .
    • Action Items from April 25 Meeting:
      1. Drummond to speak with BrianBapty to determine if he is interested in being on the call out list for Chubb Security Alarm
      2. June to seek advice from Alex McCulloch regarding the procedure for the call out list and who should be on it
      3. Change the security code for the clubhouse
      4. Janos to check with Tennis BC to ensure the tournament is compliant with their requirements
      5. It was discussed that The wording on the flyer for the coupons that Janos designed needs to be tweaked for clarity. However, as our membership initiatives have been successful thus far, the board will revisit again next year.


    Meeting Terminated at 8:35 pm

    Next Meeting scheduled for Tuesday May 21