Present:  Marion Shaw (Pres,) Nancy Forrest (VP,) Ron Carr (Co-Membership,) Janos Stiasny (Co-Membership,) June Barnes (Treas.,) George Sim (Maintenance,) Nancy French (Social.)

Absent: Sue Cannon, Gary Pena.

A Quorum was confirmed.   The meeting was called to order at 6:45 pm.

Motion to accept the Agenda as presented: June/ George/ carried

Motion to accept the previous Meeting Minutes: Nancy Forrest/ Ron/carried

  1. Gardening: getting 3 quotes, will vote on them next meeting.
  2. Fee increases: We need to justify an increase.

– Do the members have to vote on it? Probably the board’s decision.

– We have to go to the District for permission.

– It was found in the bylaws that the board sets the fees, however it has to be ratified at the AGM by members attending.

– Should league and tournament players pay more?  It was decided “no”.

– We will present a case for increase with numbers to the AGM for a vote. Last increase was in 2008. We will look into cost increases from then to 2019.

  1. Director nominations: possible nominees.

Brenda Brown

Wendy and Andrew

Brian Bapty


Liz MacKeigan (Alternative play director)

– we need committees to support the directors. Talk to Mike Docherty

  • 2020 CTC Open Tournament Plan – to run to Mothers’ Day, (May 7 – 10.) Janos to organize. Sue Cannon has offered to help. Nancy French also offered help.Club social drop-in evening tennis:
  • Club Social Drop In Tennis:

    -there has been sporadic attendance at the designated evening tennis sessions. 

    – perhaps we should open it up by specifying playing levels?

    – concern re using all 4 courts for the drop-in

    – Nancy French suggested using 2 courts for drop-in and leave 2 courts for anyone, or use as “overflow” courts if needed for the drop-in.

    -Ronald Carr suggested eliminating the drop-in evenings. He will buy a bell to signal the half hours.

    Note: for league play, designate courts on site calendar for a practice time of a half hour before match times.

    1. “Above and Beyond” Award: Nancy Forrest suggested Liz Ferguson for all her hours doing the gardening. Board agreed. The award and a token of appreciation to be presented at the AGM meeting. A plaque will be created for the club wall, and engraved each year with the recipient’s name. For Liz, perhaps flowers, wine, etc.  (Prosecco?)
    1. Fund raising: a discussion with suggestions – such as an art sale, piano/music evening, wine & cheese, silent auction, etc. To be continued. Set up a Google doc to gather ideas. Marion?

    Motion to terminate meeting – Marion/ NF/carried.

    Meeting terminated at 8:25 pm.