Annual Club Events

Spring Tune-Up – Potluck Round Robin

This event is a 16-player round-robin potluck occasion for all levels. Everyone has an equal chance to win, since a handicap system is applied.  Entry is via a nominal fee of $5 and one dish for the potluck.  This is a great event since it includes all levels of players and is lots of fun.

The Calcutta Tournament

Players are placed in teams and auctioned off to the highest bidder for prize money and competitive doubles fun. This tournament is always a big success.

Breakfast At Wimbledon

Wear-whites-only Sunday morning when you sign up to watch the Wimbledon final on a big screen, enjoy a scrumptious Wimbledon breakfast, and play some fun tennis to boot.

Wednesday Night Socials

First Wednesday of each month, April to October, from 5 pm onwards. Doubles tennis and dinner with wine or beer for $10 per person. League teams take turns in rotation for preparation of the meal.

In-House Leagues

Men and women players form teams and compete against each other in a round-robin format.

Annual Club Tournament

This is the competitive highlight of the summer. Look for high quality play and an active club environment during this fun week.

Doug Cairns Memorial Doubles Tournament

Men’s doubles tournament held in honor of past member Doug Cairns.  Open to teams of other clubs.