CTC Board Meeting Minutes                                       

Tuesday, February 20, 2019 


Marion Shaw, President

Gary Pena, Secretary

Janos Stiasny, Co Membership Director

Ron Carr, Co Membership Director (*Voting Director*)

Nancy Forrest, Vice-President (by phone)

Nancy French, Social Director

Howie Jackso


Drummond Macdougall, Past President

Angie Higgs, Play Director

George Sim, Maintenance Director

June Barnes, Treasurer


  1. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Marion Shaw at 6:35 p.m.

1.1     Confirmation of Quorum:          Quorum was confirmed.

1,2     Confirmation of Agenda:    Agenda was confirmed

1.3       Approval of previous meeting minutes:          It was Moved and Seconded to approve the minutes of the                January 15, 2019 meeting as presented.        CARRIED

2  Business Arising from the Previous Minutes

2.1.     The Business Arising items from the last meeting were reviewed.  These are covered in the                                   Membership Director’s Report 

  1. Motions
    • It was proposed to comp Marcus Timms Membership for 2019 in exchange for social media duties – CARRIED
    • It was proposed to register QR Codes for promotional purposes – CARRIED

4  Director’s Reports

4.1   President – Marion Shaw – Confirmation email from Geoff at IWS

4.2    Platform for Bamborra is all set up and should have it in place by end of next week

4.3    Marion got in touch with Marcus Timms who will handle all of the clubs social media

4.4   5 email addresses are currently set up for the club for use. Discussion was held regarding assessing                    whether more emails are needed, as well as looking at whether directors should have a club email                        assigned to their position.

4.5  There was also discussion regarding whether for promotional and soliciting sponsorship purposes, business         cards should be assigned to certain directors.

4.6  It was determined that the coaches that will be hired to handle the Spring Junior Programs do not need to             join the club as their Coaching Association provides the insurance needed for them to coach

4.7  Membership Director – Janos Stiasny and Ron Carr

  •  Janos spoke about cross promotions with community businesses so that club members will have access to         for discounted items
  • Marketing efforts for Junior programs will concentrate mainly on schools and parents on the North Shore
  • Janos spoke about the importance of establishing firm goals for new members such as responsibility for annual chores (social tea, helping with spring and fall clean up etc). This will all be part of the mentorship /club ambassador program
  • He also proposed a member recognition/acknowledgement program called “Above and Beyond” that recognises members that best exhibit the spirit of that program. His was very well received by all present.

4.8.     General Discussion

  • Discussion was had regarding incentives for existing members. It was proposed that an existing member receive $25 off their membership for each new member signed up. The new member must still pay their initiation fee.
  • A “Source” field should be implemented on the new member application form so that we can track how the new member heard of the club and apply that to the incentive program
  • One complimentary social dinner for new paid up member
  • Janos has kindly donated a tablet to the club for on site membership applications
  • Succession planning was identified as a key item for the board. The board needs to determine who will potentially replace those 2nd year board members who don’t plan to be nominated for another term.  This process should start sooner rather than later.
  • Need to identify the skills required for each position and research & recruit potential candidates
  • A need to reinforce that we are a cooperative tennis club, that there are many ways to serve such as sub committees, and that volunteer hours are expected as a condtion of membership
  • It was suggested that we add board member interest level on the new membership application
  • The “Family” mixed doubles event is proposed for August or September.  Howie suggests the same weekend as the Calcutta is normally held, which is the first weekend in September.
  • Action Items:
    • Membership Flow chart to be done by Janos to be done by March 1
    • Marion will follow up with Alec / Jeff Sparling re: permission to change membership pricing
    • Marion will also find out about the lease from Alec
    • Janos will give a profile of above and beyond program for next meeting
    • Succession planning on the agenda for the next meeting
    • Gary to look into a tether for the tablet donated by Jano

Meeting Terminated at 8:45 pm

Next Meeting scheduled for Wednesday March 20