Prepared for Capilano Tennis Club Members by Howie Jackson, CTC Club Pro

The opportunity to play interclub team tennis is a gift and a privilege. Interclub tennis is the way that a club sets itself above the collective by winning against other clubs and achieving notoriety and credibility for their home club. The goal for all interclub tennis teams should be to win their league and represent the club well throughout the city. Clubs that achieve success in interclub tennis acquire a city-wide reputation for high quality play that greatly enhances the club’s public profile and attracts new competitive members who want to be a part of their winning formula. Our public profile in interclub tennis, our “CTC brand”, should definitely be a highly successful and competitive group of teams that play with intensity and the highest degree of sportsmanship at all times. All players who are participating in interclub tennis competition should understand the responsibility of representing their club in the wider tennis environment.

The expectations for players who are interested in playing for a specific interclub team should include the following guidelines:

* Be sure that you are the appropriate skill level for the team you are interested in playing for. The team captain or Club Pro can help you with that assessment.

* Make a strong personal commitment to the team in terms of availability for matches. If you are signing up as a ‘regular’, place the team playing-schedule ahead of other more flexible, personal activities. Remember, the team captain is trying to produce the highest number of wins for every match, so if you are a good player but you can only play one or two matches, you are not helping the team by signing up and then withdrawing from matches during the actual season. If you can’t commit, sign up as a ‘spare’.

* Don’t commit to play an interclub match if you are injured.

* Be a good team member. Trust your captain to make the best choices about who gets to play each match based on attempting to win as many points as possible for the club. Be ready to step in and make a difference if and when your captain calls you to play.

* Play every match as if its your last. Play with joy, intensity, & sportsmanship. Leave it all on the court. Halfway effort or a casual approach to competition is not really a part of successful interclub tennis.

* Remember when you are playing a match against another club, you ARE the living embodiment of your club. Your actions will be linked to the club. Be the best representative you can possibly be. Be an ambassador for the club.

Club Policy on League Play

The reputation of our club is of great importance. Our mission statement specifically states that we are an inclusive club and welcome players at all levels. The following outlines the policies and processes for participating in inter-club league play. 


  1. Any club member may request to join a league team. The member needs to get in touch with the appropriate league team’s Captain . It is up to the team captain and the Club Pro if needed, to ascertain that the member is of the correct level to play on the team.
  2. Team Captains will follow up with the member on their team’s specific requirements & processes to join the team. The captains are responsible for their team’s performance and policies within each league team. 
  3. The Team Captains are all driven by the desire to best represent Capiliano Tennis Club (CTC) competitively in the league by playing to win, hence they will always ensure the suitability, skill level, availability & commitment of all their team members.
  4. Team participation is a privilege and not a right. Personal biases and entitlement are not allowed in choosing team members.
  5. All team members must conduct themselves in a respectful, fair, and gracious manner when playing with the team and interacting with other clubs.