Policy and Process for Tennis BC Inter-club League play


We are an inclusive club and welcome players at all levels. The following outlines the Club policies and processes for participating in Tennis BC’s inter-club league play at CTC.

 All team members are representatives of CTC and should conduct themselves in a respectful, fair, and gracious manner when playing with the team and interacting with other clubs.

 Team participation is a privilege and not a right. Personal biases and entitlement are not allowed in choosing team members.


  1. Any club member may request to join an inter-club league team. The member needs to contact a league team captain Press Here
  2. Team Captains should follow up with the member on their team’s specific requirements and processes to join the team.
  3. It is up to the team captains to determine whether the member’s level of play and commitment is a good fit for the team.
  4. All League players have to commit to attending at least 50% of the practice times and at least 50% of league matches.
  5. Captains cannot insist that a member commit to their team. Members are free to inquire with any other team and be considered by other teams as well.
  6. A member may only participate on ONE team after being invited to join a team.

 If there are any questions or concerns about a captain’s decision, the member may contact the Club Play Director.



  1. CTC provides each team with club resources – court time for practices and matches, new balls for League play, clubhouse access for home game day hosting, etc. Therefore, captains are responsible for ensuring their team is adequately utilizing these resources by keeping the relevant data of attendance, court usage records and scores for each player. The Play Director may request these records at any time.
  2. Captains are expected to field competitive teams with the aim of selecting members based on skill level, availability, and commitment to the team.
  3. Captains should, whenever possible, ensure that play time is commensurate with the team’s data (participation rates, skill levels, practice scores and matches, etc.).

If there are any concerns about how the above is being managed by the captains, a member can appeal to the Play Director.


  1. Formation of new teams is a right for all members and is not the exclusive privilege of current captains only.
  2. Requests to form a new team must be submitted to the Play Director in writing by October 15th for Women, January 25th for men (per Tennis BC deadlines). A minimum of 10 players is required to form a new team.
  3. The Play Director has the authority to determine if a new team can be formed based on capacity and court utilization limits. This determination will be presented to the CTC Board of Directors. 


September 1st 

  • Returning player rosters to be submitted by the captains to the Play Director
  • All requests to join a league team, i.e., new players/and or players returning to league, must be submitted in writing to the Play Director by team captains.

October 15th  for Women, January 25th  for Men

  •  Requests for formation of a new team and or division change must be submitted to the Club’s Play Director before the deadline of Tennis BC.

 January 15th for Women’s League, January 25th  for Men

  • Requests for home game match schedules to be submitted and agreed with the Play Director.

February 15th for Women and  Men

  • Deadline for all team final rosters and the home game match schedules to be submitted to the Play Director.

Captain’s Meetings

The Play Director will call for at least two mandatory captain’s meetings every year.

First meeting in early September to review:

  • The results of last season and the plan for the coming year.
  • The process of recruitment for teams and what, if any, support the Play Director can provide.
  • League Divisions applications prior to the Tennis BC deadline.
  • Discuss and approve any new teams or division changes.

Second meeting in March after Tennis BC’s Alignment Day to finalize:

  • The latest status for each team.
  • Any urgent last-minute changes for the league teams, if any.
  • The final plan and calendar for court times and usages across all of the teams.