Marion Shaw, President, Ron Carr, Membership, June Barnes, Treasurer, George Sim, Maintenance, Nancy French, Social

Absent with regrets:

Nancy Forrest, Vice President, Gary Pena, Secretary, Sue Cannon, Play, Janos Stiasny,membership/marketing, Drummond MacDougall, Past President

A Quorum was confirmed.  The meeting was called to order at 6.35pm.

  1. Motion to accept the Agenda as presented:

Moved By: George Sim                              Passed Unanimously

  1. Motion to accept the previous Meeting Minutes:

Moved By:  Ron Carr                                  Passed Unanimously

  1. President’s Report:
    • We have been asked by Jeff Sparling, representing West Vancouver Tennis Club if we will allow use of 2 courts on Friday evening, July 26 for “spillover” courts for the Doubles by the Sea tournament.           After discussion, the motion was made to allow the above by:  George Sim                                   Passed Unanimously Marion Shaw will inform Jeff Sparling of our decision.
    • We were also informed of the upcoming West Vancouver Heritage games on August 16th which consists of teams of 4 people each competing in tennis, lawn bowling and sailing. It was decided that it would be a good idea and good for the reputation of the club to field a team for this. Marion Shaw will put out a newsletter asking for possible competitors.  The registration fee for each team is $200. ($50 per person.)
    • We are in the process of our application for non payment of property tax on our site. There have been questions as to the posting of public play times.  These have now been posted on the website calendar and on the Facebook page.  It is proposed to take a second advertisement in the spring/summer North Shore Recreational Guide to advertise the public play times.  It is felt that this will satisfy the district.
    • Nancy Forrest will write the CTC newsletter while Marion is away in August. Marion to ask Gary if he will do the electronic side of getting it out.
    • June and Marion will work on our ads for public play times which are mandatory.
    • A discussion was had re planning additional off-season social events, e.g. an Arts evening, a fancy dress event, and/or a Robbie Burns night.
  2. Treasurer’s Report:
    • June Barnes had previously sent a variance report.
    • Comments re Variance Report for 10 months ending June 30, 2019

Income from beverage sales is still slipping below budget and we are spending more than budget for stock.    Hopefully this can be reversed prior to our year end on August 31.   I would suggest an audit of stock be carried out after the August social dinner.

Spring Junior Programme final dollars:

Income                           $ 5548.00

Expenditures                 $ 2596.13

Net Profit                       $ 2951.87

  1. Social Director’s Report:
    • Our Italian themed June Social Dinner hosted by the Women’s Div 3 League team went very well. This was our highest earner yet, showing a profit of $287.64.  Note that there are overlapping liquor expenses from event to event.
    • Our Saturday Social Tennis Teas seem to be enjoying a resurgence, with almost all dates being signed for.  Some of the “profit” from our dinners could be used to help with reimbursements for expenses to provide the teas, in case the $2/$3 donations don’t cover them.
    • Nancy French suggested an idea for an addition to our weekend social.

Fridays evenings – from 6:00/6:30pm? to 8:30pm?

Round robin format? Random cards? – switching it up every 30 minutes

Drinks and appies afterward – use the Honour Bar or BYOB and bring a small snack to share. We could encourage using the BBQ…

  • George Sim reported that he has not spoken with Brian Bapty who may be interested in taking over the Maintenance Director’s position when George steps down.  Ron Call agree to speak with Brian the following day after tennis.
  • With the need for volunteers to help form committees to assist the directors with their many tasks, Nancy Forrest had presented an excellent document on volunteering. This was presented to the board and will go out on the next newsletter.  This will also be put up on the website.
  • Other Business:

There being no other business, a motion was made by ? to terminate the meeting.

The Meeting was Terminated at 7.35pm