Marion Shaw, Nancy Forrest, Ron Carr, Janos Stiasny, June Barnes, George Sim, Nancy French, Sue Cannon, Drummond MacDougall

Gary Pena – Absent with regrets.

A Quorum was confirmed.  The meeting was called to order at:  6.35pm

  1. Motion to accept the Agenda as presented:  Proposed by June Barnes.  All in favour – Accepted.
  2. Motion to accept the previous Meeting Minutes: Proposed by Nancy Forrest.  All in favour – Accepted.
  3. Sue Cannon, who has taken on the role of Play Director was introduced to the team and reported on the league play.
    • B3 Had a hard year.  There are 2 matches left to play.
    • C2 tied for 1st. place with 1 more match to go.
    • Day 2 8 out of 12 teams.  Great results after a year off, the new team started slowly, but were really strong in the last few games.
    • Ladies N3 Finished in the middle, despite injuries. Having recruited 2 very strong players, both of them incurred injuries and were unable to play.  Good performance in the higher league.
    • N4 First season.  Finished in the middle. Will work hard together to solidify the teams.
    • N5 Finished strong.  2nd from the bottom. Improved throughout the year.
  1. Chairperson’s Report – Marion Shaw
    • Marion Shaw is working with the website and helping to improve the function of the site and constantly add information.
    • The sanctioned tournament will be postponed until next year. (See Janos Stiasny’s report below.)
    • A letter was sent to Jacqui Wilkinson, a long time member, regarding rude behavior to another member during social tennis. This behaviour was witnessed by the 2 other people on the court.  This is not the first time action has been taken against this member.  It was agreed that should any further incidents of this type occur, this person’s membership will be revoked.
  2. Howie Jackson – Ratings afternoon at Saturday Social Tennis
    • Howie Jackson was asked to attend a Saturday Social tennis afternoon to help members to rate their play and participate with players at their own level during social play.
    • For the most part people were accurate on their rating. The energy level was really good on the courts with a high level of fun.
    • The social card system is working well and efficiently.
    • It was suggested to have a novice to 2.0 doubles social play from 11.30 to 1pm on Saturdays. Howie will send an e-mail to lower level players and inform them of their ranking and the new time for them to play.
    • Motion to create a new social time from 11.30 – 1 specifically for novice to 2.5 players to play socially. The motion was made by Drummond MacDougall, seconded by Nancy French.  All agreed – the motion passed unanimously.
    • Start date will be June 29. It will be included in a general e-mail to members, encouraging new members to come and play in the new time slot.
    • A concern was presented by Janos Stiasny that we could face a human rights situation. It was agreed that this would not be so. It is felt that by creating this new category – it will help the health of the club.
  3. Directors’ Reports
    • June Barnes, Treasurer
      • The variance report, which was submitted to the board earlier shows a healthy year.
      • New members – 31. Total membership 168.  156 adult playing members.  This shows a welcome growth for the club of almost 25% over 2018.
    • Ron Carr, Membership Director
      • Kenji Amata is bringing 20 students from Japan and would like to join for a 2 weeks while he is here as a chaperone. It was suggested that a $60 out of town membership July 13 – 29 would be appropriate. He will be invited to come to social tennis.  Both George Sim, (who speaks Japanese,) and Sue Cannon have volunteered to play with him
      • Janos Stiasny, Membership/Tournament Director
        • As we have had to cancel the September sanctioned tournament due to schedule conflicts, we have been given the dates from Tennis BC of May 6 –  10, 2020 for our sanctioned tournament. It is noted that  Mothers day is May 10.  It was suggested that a family tournament with a Mothers day lunch could be a very successful event.  It is noted that  there is only the final match on the Sunday which should not pose a problem.
        • Daylight is not a problem. Weather could be an issue. The limiting factors are only 4 courts and no lights.The goal is to gain exposure on the north shore and attract families.
        • There is no financial risk.Sue Cannon would be a 50/50 partner with Janos to organize a committee. We need volunteers for a committee.We need to believe in it and support it. We are looking at about 96 entries. The event would be a single elimination, no round robins, mixed doubles and family open.
        • A motion was made by Janos Stiasny: To accept the given dates of May 6 –  10, 2020 for the Capilano Open Sanctioned tournament and proceed with the event. Seconded by Drummond MacDougall.  All in favour – passed.
        • Nancy French – Social Director
          1. The June 5th Greek-themed Social Dinner hosted by Heather Kaart’s Div 5 N team was a great success. There were 48 in attendance.
        • Our money totals for the night:

          dinner tickets =       48x $15  = $720.00

          extra drinks   =        12x $ 5 =  $  60.00

          50/50 profit   =                          $  62.00

          Total intake = $ 842.00

          Our costs were: food    $444.28

          liquor  $164.91

          Total costs:  $609.12           Total intake = $ 842.00

          “Profit”  = $ 232.88 

        • We are currently in the planning stage for the July 3rd Social Dinner, hosted by Angie & Ashley’s Div 3 N team.The Honour Bar can be set up on the kitchen bar by any board member but needs to be supervised and put away when the board member leaves. Supplies and the lock for the kitchen bar fridge are in the under-stairs cupboard. This cupboard should remain locked at all times.
          • This “profit” does not take into account the cost of buying on-going liquor supplies which overlap several events and stock the Honour Bar during the summer.
          • The remaining dates for the Social Dinners are:

          July 3rd – W 3N – Ashley / Angie

          Aug 7th – M C2 – Ron / Drummond

          Sept 4th – W 4N – Liz McK / Heather W

          Oct 2nd – M B3 – Allan Chu

        • We are currently in the planning stage for the July 3rd Social Dinner, hosted by Angie & Ashley’s Div 3 N team.
        • Organization for the Social Tennis and tea on the weekends is continuing. We are keeping the Saturday teas simple this year. The club is currently supplying cookies. It would be appreciated if more board members would attend, and help with monitoring the cards system or setting up the tea and cookies on Saturdays.
        • Nancy Forrest – Vice Chair
          • A document was sent previously by Nancy Forrest outlining some changes to the structure of the board. (See separate post.) The following items were discussed.
          • Question Do we need a past president? As the position is more of an advisory rather than functional member it was felt that his could be eliminated to bring in different categories such as marketing, social media etc.
          • Who is out there who would help us? We need to begin recruiting.
          • It was suggested that we source qualified people and bring some names forward for our next meeting.
          • It was also suggested that we need volunteers to come forward for various committees as many of the job descriptions are labour intensive and having good people to help would be a great asset.
          • A discussion was held on the process for application for directorship. Marion Shaw feels that we need to have an official system for the process and create a culture for the board.  There was a discussion about nominations and applications.  Normally members would nominate another member as a board member.  It was suggested that there should then be an application form on the website that would be filled in by the applicant and forwarded to the board.  This needs to be clarified.
          • AGM Planning.  Our year end is August 31.  Suggested date  for the meeting is Wednesday, October 23.
            • The Calcutta tournament is this Sunday. Weather report is not good. As Howie buys the food on Saturdays he will wait until Saturday afternoon to make the call as to whether the tournament is on. An e-mail will be sent out to the membership if the tournament is postponed.
            • Breakfast at Wimbledon. Andrew and Wendy, who did the fabulous afternoon tea last year are going to do the breakfast.  There is a maximum of 16 people. Breakfast first then watch the match then play a round robin tournament afterwards. There will be a sign up sheet in the clubhouse.
            • A motion was made by Nancy Forrest to terminate the meeting at 8.20pm  All in favour.

            The meeting was terminated.