CTC Board Meeting Minutes                                       

Wednesday, March 20, 2019 


Marion Shaw, President

Drummond Macdougall, Past President

Ron Carr, Co Membership Director (*Voting Director*)

Nancy French, Social Director

George Sim, Maintenance Director

June Barnes, Treasurer

Howie Jackson, Club Pro.  (Non voting guest)


Angie Higgs, Play Director

Gary Pena, Secretary

Janos Stiasny, Co Membership Director

Nancy Forrest, Vice-President 

  1. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Marion Shaw at 6:35 p.m

1.1    Confirmation of Qorum:              Quorum was confirmed.

1.2    Confirmation of Agenda:              Agenda was confirmed

1.3    Approval of previous meeting minutes:         It was Moved and Seconded to approve the minutes of the February 20, 2019 meeting as presented.


  1. Business Arising from the Previous Minutes

2.1.     The Business Arising items from the last meeting were reviewed.  These are covered in the                                    Membership Director’s Report.

3.0 New Business

3.1  It was suggested that restructuring the board would result in a more efficient board as it would be easier to           achieve a quorum.

3.1 The restructured board would be President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Director.         The tasks of Play Director, Social Director, and Maintenance Director would be handled by committees.  This       would alleviate the need for those current directors to attend board meetings, however, a written report would       be required before each meeting

3.3  It was determined this should be discussed at the next meeting when more board members are present 

4 Directors’ Reports

4.1  President – Marion Shaw – Additions to previously sent report being working through the difficulties with            Geoff of IWS to get the online payment up and running.

4.2  To date there have been 10 new members come in. 2 payments did not go through. Working with Geoff to          try and find out why.

4.3  Treasurer – June Barnes – Variance report (sent earlier)

4.4  Chubb – Telus no longer supports our alarm monitoring. Will be spending about $900 to change the system.

4.5  The club will no longer be connected to the land line as it will be on a cell service. June will call to determine         who is on the list of people to be called should the alarm go off.                                                                               The new system will save us $1300 annually.

4.6 Membership Director – Janos Stiasny and Ron Carr

  • There was discussion regarding the logistics of the membership discounts at various vendors
  • Concern expressed about complications with monitoring membership discounts & how many members would take advantage of this feature
  • Ron explained classpass

George looked at various ways to incentify new members to join. Further discussion needed

It was determined that 5 or more members together would constitute a Group Membership

4.7.     General Discussion

  • New nets to come in 2 weeks.
  • Spring Clean Up Day scheduled for April 14 from 10:00 am to Noon
  • Power washing of the courts will not be done at the Spring Clean Up as this is a job that needs to be professionally done. A volunteer sign up and task list will be displayed in the clubhouse
  • Cost of new nets – $1060 plus tax

5  Action Items:

  • Junior Tournament – Howie to look into what is needed to make the Junior Tournament a sanctioned tournament with Tennis BC
    • dJunior Programs:  With 12 confirmed registrants this far, Howie to implement a registration and payment day. Scheduled for April 20
    • Marion will send out an email to membership regarding Tournament
    • Howie will contact Hannah regarding coaching program. Backups have been identified in the event she is unable to do it or not interested
    • George to check with Tomko regarding some new cracks that have been identified on the courts. However, it is noted that cracks WILL appear as a normal part of court wear and tear
    • Howie to install signage at main entrance. Cost is $980.  Should be completed by Easter.  The QR Code will go on to the smaller sign
    • Nancy French to liaise with Angie regarding play activities for Opening Day
    • Nancy French to buy an air pump for balloons in time for Opening Day

Meeting Terminated:  8.05pm

Next Meeting scheduled for:  Monday, April 22