CTC Board Meeting Minutes                                       

Tuesday May 21, 2019 


Marion Shaw, President

Drummond Macdougall, Past President

Ron Carr, Co Membership Director (*Voting Director*)

Janos Stiasny, Co Membership Director

Nancy Forrest, Vice-President

George Sim, Maintenance Director

***Gary Pena, Secretary – Late Arrival***



Nancy French, Social Director

June Barnes, Treasurer

Sue Cannon

Howie Jackson

  1. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Marion Shaw at 6:10 p.m.

  • Confirmation of Quorum

Quorum was confirmed.

1,2     Confirmation of Agenda

Agenda was confirmed

  • Approval of previous meeting minutes

It was Moved and Seconded to approve the minutes of the April 25, 2019 meeting as presented.


  1. Business Arising from the Previous Minutes

2.1.     The Business Arising items from the last meeting were reviewed.  These are covered below

  • Action Items Status from April 25 Meeting:
    • Junior Tournament – Howie to look into what is needed to make the Junior Tournament a sanctioned tournament with Tennis BC – OUTSTANDING
  1. New Business
    • It was reported that due to increased workload, Play Director Angie Higgs has resigned from the Board with immediate effect. Her picture and credentials have been removed from the website.
    • There was discussion as to the replacement of her position by Sue Cannon. It was proposed that Janos Stiasny should come onto the board as a full voting director, but in the position of marketing.  It was also suggested that Sue Cannon form a play committee and that she should head the committee.
    • A motion was made by Ron Carr to appoint Janos Stiasny to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Angie Higgs, to be in charge of marketing. This was passed unanimously.
    • A motion was subsequently made by George Sim to appoint Sue Cannon as chair of the play committee.
  1. Director’s Reports
  • President – Marion Shaw – It was reported that our website was the target of a Phishing Scam which ultimately caused a director to react to it, losing $1000 in the process, A decision was made and implemented to take all personal information off of the Executive page of the website.
  • It was suggested that the the club general email address of capilanotennisclub@gmail.com be added to each Executive’s name. Marion will follow up.
  • Several changes have been made to the website. The social tennis protocols are now posted.  A discussion about afternoon tea was held and it was decided that most Saturdays, a simple tea & cookies would be available.  However, from time to time, we may feature a “Special Tea” by members who volunteer to do so.  There would be a $5 charge for this.
  • As Jeff Sparling had not received the signed AGM Minutes from the Past President, the question arose about who files the annual reports and is the required information contained therin, accurate? Ron Carr made it clear that it was necessary in order to be in compliance with the Act as all corporations and Not For Profit’s must file.  Marion Shaw will contact Jeff Sparling to determine who filed the reports in the past.
  • CTC Open Tournament Director – Janos Stiasny
  • The tournament software is up and running and all information on the tournament has been sent to Tennis BC. This will be a mixed doubles sanctioned tournament and a family non sanctioned competition.  The tournament runs from September 5-8 2019.
  • Tennis BC has approved that we can have some promotional materials. Promotion can be a 50/50 draw, Tee Shirts & Hats for sale
  • It is suggested that the club spend $250 to place a banner that is 6’ v 3’. Janos has a supplier that he uses and recommends.
  • A PayPal account needs to be set up. Cost is $50 and will be completed by July 15
  • The tournament will be a single knockout with no ad scoring and a 10 point tiebreaker to decide the match after 2 sets.
  • A committee is needed to do the organizing prior to the tournament.Volunteers are needed – 8 –  12 each day of the competition.  2 people are also needed for dispute resolution during the tournament.  It was suggested that Howie and Parsa (Junior Program Coach) should be the referees.
  • We need a club poster (11” x  14”) which will be put up at tennis courts, sports shops and other clubs.    Suggest Vistaprint  –  Janos to supply information to Marion who will set it up in a creative and attractive manner.
  • WE need a sign up sheet for volunteers at the club. Gary Pena to source this.

4.6.  Maintenance Director – George Sims  –

  • George reported that 2 of the outdoor lights that illuminate the new sign facing Capilano Road have been stolen. This needs to be replaced at a cost of $150

Meeting Terminated at 7:25 pm