Play Director

The role of the Play Director is to encourage participation of members in all levels of play, i.e. social play, in-house leagues, club tournaments and inter-city leagues.


  1. To encourage all members to participate in all social tennis events, i.e. Men’s Night, Women’s Night, Mixed Double’s Night and Social Saturdays.
  2. To recruit volunteers to co-ordinate social play.
  3. To encourage members to host the Saturday Teas.
  4. Work with Club Pro to select dates for in-house leagues and include on online calendar.
  5. Ensure league teams are identified and registered with BC Tennis.
  6. Confirm with League Captains that they will be fielding teams for upcoming season.
  7. Have Team Captains communicate with the Play Director to ensure that changes in league schedules may be updated on club calendar..
  8. Have Team Captains communicate with Social Director re date of Wednesday social dinner they will host.
  9. Liaise with Club Pro to endure the Play Director is aware of dates for all club tournaments, i.e., Breakfast at Wimbledon, CTC Tournament, Calcutta Tournament and add these to the club calendar.
  10. Maintain connection with members to promote all events.
  11. Encourage feedback from membership for activities that would increase member participation.
  12. Work with Board of Directors to assess the need for volunteers to support the work of the Play Director
  13. Assist with the recruitment of volunteers to assist with the work.
  14. Attend club events, socials etc. to foster a sense of comradery among members.