POKERFAME 2021, Poker Tennis Blind Draw, Round Robin

FUN event and to include all levels of CAP members, regardless of their gender!

Sunday September 26,   11am to 1pm

Cost of Entry:                     $20.00 per person, payable in cash at the time of tournament

Total Entries:                      Limited to first 20 entries, male or female

How to Enter:                     By email only to: 

Entry Deadline:                  20 September 2021, 5.00PM (PST)

Tournament Details:          Players will play twenty-minute doubles matches with four random partners.  A handicapping system may be implemented to create a more equal play and supporting the fun nature of this event .

At the end of each 20-minute segment, players will be awarded either 3 or 2 playing cards, depending on their respective score.  Each player attempts to make the best 5 card poker hand with the cards that they are given.  Card swapping is not allowed.  There will be prizes for POKERFAME 2021 Champions and second, third best poker hands.

Event Conclusion:              Beer and pizza lunch will be provided as part of the entry fee for this event at its conclusion at 1pm.