The role if the President is to provide leadership to the Board of Directors relative to Governance, Planning and Operations.


Qualities required: A person with leadership experience, exceptional organizational skills, vision of the goals of the club and the ability to communicate with any and all members of the club.  A details person, with the ability to understand the bylaws, assist other directors when necessary and collaborate with the board in a business like manner.  Great interpersonal skills and a decision maker.




  1. Call an AGM and have all Executive Members provide reports for their areas of responsibility.
  2. Assess these reports to form the direction for the next year.
  3. Be responsible to the membership for the performance of the Directors
  4. Appoint all Standing Committee Chairs.
  5. Be a member ex-officio of all committees excluding the Nominations Committee.
  6. Review policies annually to ensure that they are current and able to provide guidance to club operations.
  7. Ensures that we are in compliance with our agreement with The District of North Vancouver, completes and sends in report.
  8. Ensure that a nominations process is in place to recruit potential Board Members with the competencies to fulfill the Board positons.
  9. With assistance from the Executive Committee, develop a succession plan to ensure that a slate of strong candidates is brought forward for Board nominations.
  10. Assess both the structure of the Executive Committee and the roles of the Executive positions to determine is changes are necessary and implement the changes.


  1. Provide leadership to the development and implementation of the Strategic Plan.
  2. Ensure that there is a committee structure in place to provide leadership to the implementation of the plan.


  1. Create an agenda for Board Meetings and Chair Meetings.
  2. Represent the Club or delegate a club representative to meet with community leaders and attend community meetings when necessary.
  3. Ensure that all insurance i.e. property/liability and contracts relative to the club operations are current.
  4. Review the lease that Capilano Tennis Club has with the District of North Vancouver to ensure that we are in compliance. Complete and send in report.
  5. Ensure that the Leasehold report and Permissive Tax Exemption are submitted to the District of North Vancouver.
  6. Provide guidance/assistance to Executive Members when required.
  7. When possible attend club events, socials etc. to foster feelings of inclusion and comaradery within the membership.