Social Director

The role of the Social Director is to co-ordinate and support the scheduled social events of the club and to explore the potential of new events that encourage a sense of inclusion and enthusiasm for the members.



  1. To provide directions for approved social events and ensure that appropriate supplies are available to the social event hosts. i.e. Opening Day/Open House, social dinners etc.
  2. To ensure appropriate supplies are on hand for each event.
  3. To update/add social events to the club website.
  4. To work with the Board of Directors to develop new social events that are of interest to the members.
  5. To provide Social Activity reports at the Board Meetings and AGM.
  6. Act as liaison with the cleaner to ensure that the cleaning is being done to agreed upon expectations and that cleaning supplies are on hand and refurbished as needed.
  7. To renew annually the Costco membership to purchase supplies related to club social activities and clubhouse maintenance.
  8. To work with the Board of Directors to assess the need for volunteers to support the work of the Social Director and to assist with the recruitment of same.
  9. Attend club events, socials etc. to foster a sense of comradery among members.