The Capilano Junior Development Program is a grass roots game-based program for players aged 7 – 18. It has a long history of success at producing quality recreational tennis players, while instilling the important attributes of fair play and good tennis etiquette. The program can accommodate 40 players, and there are spaces available for this year’s program.


Saturday mornings from 9 –1pm are active, dynamic game based drill sessions for stroke development in singles and doubles. 9  –  10am for 3.0 and under, 10  –  11am for  3.5, 11 –  12noon for 4.0, 12noon – 1pm for doubles strategy. Expect a high aerobic component and challenging competitive drills. Players will pre-register weekly.



Club Pro

Howie Jackson is a Tennis Canada certified career coach with 30 years of coaching history in Vancouver.  He has been the Head Tennis Professional at the Capilano Tennis Club since 1986.

With over 50,000 hours of on-court experience, he coaches all ages and ability levels, from novices to national champions.  Howie provides a comprehensive approach to player development, blending technical efficiency, tactical proficiency and psychological awareness to create a complete tennis player.

Howie was ranked in the top 10 in the Open category in BC in singles and doubles.  Howie’s practical, results-based coaching emphasizes subtle modification and enhances immediate improvement.  Howie is always available to discuss your game and its future.  He can be reached at (604) 263-7173 or via his email at howie7173@hotmail.com

Click here to check out Howie’s tennis tips and instructions on YouTube.