The role of the Treasurer is to be responsible for all financial aspects of both  the operations and capital expenditures of the club.


  1. Develop the annual operating and capital budgets for the club to present to the Board of Directors for approval.
  2. Prepare financial variance reports to present at the Board of Directors meetings.
  3. Receive and account for all funds received by the club, deposit funds and account for same.
  4. Arrange for an auditing of accounts for year-end financials
  5. Prepare the financial report and arrange for the auditing of accounts for the AGM. (If needed)
  6. Prepare and submit the annual financial report as required by the Societies Act.
  7. Prepare and submit report required by the District of North Vancouver.
  8. Work with the Board of Directors to assess the need for volunteers  and assist with the recruitment of same.
  9. Connects with existing members via email/website to remind members of membership renewal date.
    10. With assistance from Board members develop a seamless registration/payment process that serves to       alleviate work for the Membership Director and Treasurer.
    11. Facilitates ease of renewal for members and registration for new members.
    12. Issues a welcome back email to renewing members.
    13. Work with Board to develop and implement a programme to attract new members to the club and to ensure they feel valued and welcome, i.e. welcome letter/email, orientation to the club, invitation to attend social events to meet members etc.
    14. Respond to membership inquiries and other issues that arise related to membership.
    15. Provides membership update to Board Members and for the club newsletter.
    16. Acts as liaison to Tennis BC relative to membership and insurance.
    17. Works with Board of Directors to assess the need for volunteers to support the work of the Membership Director and assists with the recruitment of same.
    18. Attend club events, socials etc. to foster a sense of comradery among members